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Our Expert Coaches have over 25 years experience in the property market, have let over 7000 properties and have launched 8 branches with ZERO advertising

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1 Day Workshop

Letting Agents are under attack right now from every angle, legislation is getting harder, the market is getting tougher and competition is fierce, our ONE day workshop is moulded each month to meet the current challenges, right now we are focusing on replacing the income about to be lost by the tenant fee ban, competing with the online agents, modernising your marketing to win more instructions and how to create highly motivated and accountable sales teams… The day is fully loaded and many say by lunchtime they are no longer worried about the tenant fee ban any more and its the best course they have ever been on!

4 Day Bootcamp

Total immersion AWAY from the office focusing ON your business, is not something many agents take the time to do, but those that do say that it transforms their businesses… These 4 day business GROWTH bootcamps, take letting agents through their paces, revising their marketing plans to include many modern strategies, including the famous Hustle Gang, and many social media strategies, plus delegates build new business plans, work on their team performances, learn how to structure their businesses, build highly motivated teams, run efective meetings, GROW through acquisition and mergers and much more besides…
Everything you need to know about buying a letting agency or merging with another to keep you on track.

Meet The Experts

Sally Lawson

Sally Lawson

Founder of Lawson's Property and CEO of Concentric Sales and Lettings

Sally Lawson is a renowned, engaging and popular speaker, on the subject of agency and business, a specialist in the business of residential lettings and management here in the UK, starting her own letting agency in 1990 which quickly become a market leader, since then launching a franchise, an agency training organisation and becoming president of ARLA too.

Sally launched her franchise in 2010, and since then has been more focused on business growth and development of letting agencies, helping thousands grow and built their agencies, through training, coaching and development, Sally has been asked to speak at many major property conferences including the RICS and The National Trust, and many other major property events around the UK, including Wembley and the Excel, alongside top headline acts, such as James Caan and Karen Brady, to name a few.

Sally co-ordinates her speaking engagements alongside her businesses and social media activities and is one of the most engaged online experts in the subject of Letting Agency today.

Sally book “I’ve got this tenant” reached Amazon Best Seller status within weeks of launch in 2015, and is still hugely popular for those entering the property world still today

Download Beat the Tenant Fee Ban Workbook so that you can discover 67 strategies to beat the ban in your business.

Amazing 4 days of learning a refreshing new way to run our business with a profit, futureproof ourselves against incoming legislation, look into acquisition and partnering up with others, and a whole plethora of other subjects within the lettings sector.

Sally and the team really know their stuff, and have the experience to deliver in a way that is understandable and fun. The 4 days flew by and I now cannot wait to implement all of what I have learnt into the business!

If six stars was an option they would have got it!

Larry Nathan Solo

Guargian Angel, Essex Letting Agent & Essex Leaflet Agent

Great 4 days of education about the letting industry, the challenges we face and the new opportunities. Learning the strategies to keep us on top of our game and ways of fully proofing the future of our business. Being with our peers and the transparency of knowledge shared was very inspiring and something I not have experienced before and goes to show it’s not what you know …it is what you don’t know, no matter how long you have been a letting agent. Excited and Looking forward to implementing the systems and processes.

Gurd Singh Toor

Owner, Hansons Estates Ltd

Great course with lots of really important content. The course helps to change your fixed ideas and give you a new way of looking at your business and finding new ways to increase your value that you can give clients (and increase your revenue). This is for anyone who wants to develop a lettings business and also for established agencies who want to move to the next level or find themselves in a rut. Stay ahead of your completion (or make your competition your ally)…. anything is possible.
Invest in yourself, come and expand your mind and your business – join Sally, Karen and the team on the next Property Agency Bootcamp.

Anna-Marie Adj

Professional Property Investor, Property Investors Network

Sally and her team have provided such high quality content in helping me to transform and develop my letting business I just can’t wait to get started! If you want to learn how to triple your turnover, discover extra layers of income and nail down a robust performance management system then I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s ticked all my boxes!

Hannah Fargher

Director, Limelight Letting

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